April 14, 2021
by Heartland Church on April 14th, 2021
Wednesday, April 14, 2021In today’s reading, Jesus arrives at the pool of Bethesda, a place of hope for the sick. Many believed you would be healed if you entered the waters when they were stirred. There, Jesus gives a man hope through physical and spiritual salvation. In response, the Pharisees choose to confront Jesus and make plans to kill Him. The healed man chooses to worship Jesus. Jesus, th...  Read More
April 13, 2021
by Heartland Church on April 13th, 2021
Tuesday, April 13, 2021Because the Jews looked down on the Samaritans, they did all they could to avoid going through Samaria. So when Jesus chose to walk through Samaria, the disciples would have been shocked. What is more shocking is that Jesus stops to rest, eat, and talk with a Samaritan woman. He offers her grace and mercy. She believes in Him and goes to tell others about Jesus. Many more be...  Read More
April 12, 2021
by Heartland Church on April 12th, 2021
Monday, April 12, 2021In today’s reading, John the Baptist continues to turn our gaze to Jesus. Jesus must increase, and we must decrease (John 3:30), so the people around us might also look to Jesus. Give thanks to Jesus for loving you to the point of death on a cross, even though your sin had already condemned you (John 3:16-17). Thank Jesus for your physical birth and your spiritual birth (John...  Read More
April 9, 2021
by Heartland Church on April 9th, 2021
Friday, April 9, 2021In today’s reading, Jesus performs His first miracle, cleanses the temple, and prophesies about His death and resurrection. In these opening acts of His public ministry, Jesus reveals His power, authority, and truth. Do you look to Jesus first to provide for your needs? Do you submit to Jesus’ authority? Do you, like the disciples, remember and believe the Scirpture and Word H...  Read More
April 8, 2021
by Heartland Church on April 8th, 2021
Thursday, April 8, 2021In today’s reading, John declares Jesus is the greater one. As the dove descended at Jesus’ baptism and He came up out of the Jordan river, memories of Noah would have flooded the minds of the people there. They would have also remembered Israel’s exodus from Egypt and their entry into the promised land through the Jordan river. Just like these past events, God was again abo...  Read More
April 7, 2021
by Heartland Church on April 7th, 2021
Wednesday, April 7, 2021These verses tell the story of when a delegation of priests and Levites question John. They want to know who he is and why he is baptizing people if he isn’t the Messiah. John tells them he was chosen by God to be a witness for Jesus. This is our purpose as followers of Jesus as well. Like John, will you fully embrace your calling to be a witness for Jesus?Read John 1:19-28...  Read More