Hi Guys!!

It is October……….  It is fall.  The cool weather has arrived, football is going strong and changing colors have started.    It is a time of change.  I have to admit I cannot believe that we are in the last quarter of 2018, Q4 but we are.   We hope this finds each of you doing well, studying hard and handling all the challenges that are being thrown your way.   The purpose of this message is to use technology to keep you connected to your church family and have an avenue for prayer and support.   We have changed the format to a blog.  I hope this works better for each of you.   What we plan to do is:

  • Sending a monthly email link that will include a current bible study idea and link from the current sermon series at church.
  • We will send cards and letters from time to time. If you can email your mailing address that would be great.
  • Last but not least we will pray for each of you.

We have received some of your prayer requests.   Mike and I thank you for trusting us with your request and we have been faithful to pray on your behalf.

Feel free to reach out to us with ideas, topics, prayers or just life that happens.  My cell is 270 210 5349 and Mikes cell is 270 559 3682.


Bible Study Discussion

The Bible study is from the Casting Crowns book, The Very Next Thing.  These are notes and ideas.

Title – Longing to Be the Hero

1 Samuel 17-17-54 David and Goliath

From page 24

“David was the youngest of the sons of Jesse when his dad sent him to carry food to his three oldest brothers in Israel’s army camp.  When he heard Goliath taunt the Israelites and rail against God, he was offended.  So he acted.  It was a mammoth exercise in faith and trust in the Lord, and here the bottom line that we’re afraid to face:  David loved the Lord more than he loved his own life.

I have heard this story throughout my entire life but never thinking about David being just a kid who was half the soldiers age.  He walks up and hears the giants boasting only one time and he just reacts.  He does not hesitate he just reacts.   This just blew me away.

His actions were so pure, so powerful and it was from his heart.  I pray I can have a heart so inclined.

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