Better late than never.  I had to hurry or miss sending out a message for Q1.  You need to know that Mike and I continue to pray for each of you even if we do not have contact with you.   We hope your year has started off well.  The time has changed, and the days are longer and the Lenten season has started.  This is a season to prepare us for Easter.  This is a time to open the door of our hearts to understand our Lord in a deeper way and know him more.  By devoting some time to fasting, repentance, moderation, self-denial, and study of his Word we are better prepared for Good Friday and eventually Easter.  We do not want these to be just another day but an opportunity to experience the Good News of God.

We serve a living God!  He has Risen!

Please let us know how we can pray for each of you.

Bible Study Discussion/Question

My study I am doing right now is Ezra and Nehemiah – opposition & opportunity   This is a great statement from my First 5 experience guide.

The people mentioned in Nehemiah 3 are ordinary people who come together to accomplish an extraordinary task. 

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