VOLUNTEER WORK TIMES: Monday-Wednesday, starting at 4pm
ACTS OPENINGS: Wednesdays 6-8pm by appointment only.
DONATIONS ACCEPTED: Everyday, 8am-6pm when shed is unlocked.
CONTACT: ACTS Office -  (270) 366-7648

Heartland!s ACTS Ministry is one of the ways God has called Heartland to minister to our community. Each week we need volunteers at the ACTS House to prepare for our upcoming ACTS Openings and community events. On Wednesdays, we also need volunteers to make furniture deliveries throughout the community.

Contact (270) 366-7648 for an appointment or more information.


DATES: March 21-24 and October 24-27, 2024
TEAM LEADER: Larry Choate
CONTACT: Larry at larrydchoate@gmail.com

Kairos Inside is an international prison ministry whose mission is to develop a Christian communities inside prisons. For years, Larry has led a team that goes into Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville, KY. The Kairos Inside program brings positive and negative leaders together, in both male and female institutions, for a three and a half day weekend led by same gender Kairos volunteers.


DATES: May18, 2024
TEAM LEADER: Pastor Marc Glass and Kendra Farris
CONTACT: HC Missions - 270-534-1400

Heartland will host another Community Health Fair in 2024 to make health services available to under-resourced residents of the Paducah area. This event will include partnerships with area doctors, businesses, and health service organizations. Numerous Heartland missionaries will be needed to help with logistics, serve food, and connect with people from the community.


DATES: July 2024
TEAM LEADER: Pastor Brad Vose
CONTACT: Heartland Missions—270.534.1400

This will be Heartland!s fourth year partnering with FBC Sudbury for this exciting mission opportunity. Heartland missionaries will be working with Pastor Jay Ridenour and his congregation to conduct a basketball camp. The team will help with FBC!s continued outreach and connection to Sudbury and Framingham, communities that can be difficult to gain inroads for the Gospel.


DATES: Summer 2024
TEAM LEADERS: Taylor Shaikh and Cassy Skelton
CONTACT: 270.534.1400

The summer team will participate in outreach in the Weeksbury community and continue building relationships with the people that Heartland has connected with over the years by sharing the love of Jesus. We will put on a Vacation Bible School and conduct several outreach activities to minister to children in the Weeksbury area.


DATES: August 3, 2024
TEAM LEADERS: Marc Glass and Kendra Farris
CONTACT: 270.534.1400

Jumpstart is Heartland!s annual back-to-school mission outreach. We will host around 200 kids from the Paducah area on this day. We will have numerous on-campus activities for the kids, as well as a shopping trip to Walmart. It is our hope that Christ!s love in both Word and deed would be demonstrated to these families, many of whom are unchurched. Due to the size and scope of this outreach event, we will need around 400 Heartland Missionaries to serve on this day. Begin looking for sign-ups in the late Spring.