A.C.T.S. Ministry exists for the purpose of sharing God’s love by reaching and teaching others, in times of need, as the Bible commands.

But if someone who is supposed to be a Christian has money enough to live well, and sees a brother in need, and won’t help him~ how can God’s love be within him? Little children, let us stop just saying we love people; let us really love them, and show it by our actions. Then we will know for sure, by our actions, that we are on God’s side, and our consciences will be clear, even when we stand before the Lord. 1 John 3:17-19

A.C.T.S. Ministry is a ministry that seeks to fulfill the Service purpose of our church. We are to take the blessings God has given us and share them with those in need. This is one of the ways we can prove our love for our brothers and sisters.

Services Provided
Household Items and Clothing Needs

Acts Ministry Needs…
–  Prayer
–  Household Items (like new dishes, pots and pans)
–  Household Cleaning Supplies
–  Hygiene/Personal Items
–  Baby Items
–  Sheet sets all sizes
–  Towels and Washcloths
–  Clothes
If you have needs please use this application:

Fill it out completely!
We will call you once your application has been received and viewed! Looking forward to working with you!

Upcoming Openings

If you find yourself in need of any of the items the ACTS Ministry helps to provide, please call (270) 366-7648. Please note that because the ACTS Ministry is solely run by volunteers, you will need to leave a message on the ACTS voicemail (270)366-7648.  
 The ACTS House is only open by appointment on Wednesday evenings.