DATES: June 22-July 2, 2023 and
July 6-16, 2023
TEAM LEADER: Capulan Gurrola
CONTACT: BU at 800.411.7602

Beyond Uganda will be taking two summer vision trips to Uganda in 2023. Both trips will be open to all ages (under 15 will need a parent) and focus on the areas where BU is serving women and children. On this vision trip, participants will work alongside local Ugandans to visit homes and share the Gospel. Participants will also see first-hand BU’s work to see communities develop through the empowering of women, education of children, and restoration of families.


DATES: July 2023
TEAM LEADER: Pastor Jeremiah Ross
CONTACT: HC Students - 270.534.1400

On this family and youth-focused trip, Heartland will partner with long-time mission partners Steve and Carol Thompson, who have faithfully served in Ecuador for 20+ years. Outreach will be led through camp activities for children in the area of Tena and the Gospel will be shared with hundreds of children and adults from areas of financial and spiritual poverty.


DATES: July 2023
CONTACT: HC Missions - 270.534.1400

Ukraine has been in the headlines and hearts of many throughout the past year and the Gospel need for Ukrainians has never been more apparent. Pending on the political stability of the country, this Heartland team will serve Ukrainian orphans and refugees at either a camp in Ukraine or in a neighboring European country.



DATES:October 2023
TEAM LEADER: Deena Kendrick
CONTACT: HC MIssions - 270.534.1400
This Heartland team will work with two of our partners in Thailand. First, they will work with Pastor Ekkachai and his congregation to share the gospel with the Thai Nyaw people group in the villages surrounding Na Wa.  Second, they will partner with Dr. Doug Derbyshire and his Thai team to work various ministries in and around Bangkla.   There may be opportunities to help with a medical clinic, school programs, or church plants.


DATES: November 2023
TEAM LEADER: Pastor Marc Glass
CONTACT: HC Missions—270.534.1400

This medical and construction team will partner with Heartland missionaries Roberto and Esther Sigcho to serve the people of the Yucatan Peninsula. The team will seek to bring healing and physical relief through medical care, opening the door to address people’s greatest spiritual needs through the Gospel. The team will work directly with El Shaddai Baptist Church in Izamal to reach their local community in Izamal, as well as a village named Sitilpech where they are planting a church. The construction team will have the opportunity to build something useful for the church or seminary. This is truly one of the best mission points for new Heartland missionaries to plug into!


DATES: November 2023
TEAM LEADER: Pastor Brad Vose
CONTACT: HC Missions - 270.534.1400

This Heartland team will work with Pastor Aung and others for both evangelism and pastoral training in Myanmar. The evangelism will be through home visits in some of the villages near Kalaymyo. The team will be training and equipping the pastors and evangelists that Heartland has partnered with for several years. They will repeat these efforts in Yangon, working with Pastor Aung and his co-workers.


DATES: January or February 2024
CONTACT: HC Missions - 270.534.1400
Due to security and other trip concerns, this will be small team (5-7 people) of experienced evangelists. This Heartland team will travel to an undisclosed location where it will have the opportunity to thoughtfully engage people from several different religious backgrounds with the Gospel. More information will come out throughout 2023.